How Do I Treat Children with ADD Without Medicine?

Answer When your child is diagnosed with ADHD, you have several decisions to make with regards to his or her treatment. You may wish to treat the ADHD with medications prescribed by your child's doctor. H... Read More »

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How can you treat children with ADD without medicine?

ADD, or attention deficit disorder, is a chronic behavioral disorder that initially occurs during childhood, according to the MedicineNet website. Children with ADD usually have problems staying fo... Read More »

The best medicine to treat Allergies.?

The number one way to avoid an allergic reaction is to avoid the allergen; of course an allergy to pollen makes that much more difficult than e.g. foodstuffs.You can consider over-the-counter antih... Read More »

How can i use medicine to treat my addiction to tramadol?

I think you are sooo awesome for going thru with this, especialy with a kid. I had to go to rehab from pain pills, I know first hand that tramodol IS addictive...I had just read another post where ... Read More »

Best way to treat menstrual cramps without medicine?

Warm BathsStretching (it may hurt at first but really helps)Loose comfortable clothesChamomile TeaWork Out (last thing you feel like doing but helps alot)Good luck!