How Do I Trap a Mole?

Answer Mole TunnelsLocate feeding tunnels that moles are actively using by leveling all tunnels out. Return to the leveled out locations the following day to examine if any of the tunnels have been resurf... Read More »

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How do I set a mole trap?

Select LocationIdentify the mole's main tunnels. The main tunnels can be up to 15 feet long and are in constant use. Watch the tunnel openings to identify the ones the moles most frequently enter a... Read More »

Mole Trap Types?

If you have moles in your lawn, don't be tempted to control them with folk remedies, such as pickle juice, jagged glass or mothballs. The most effective way to stop a mole infestation is by trappin... Read More »

How to Set a Victor Mole Trap?

Moles are small mammals that live in lawns and create extensive webs of tunnels. The tunneling of moles causes ridges in the turf and can disturb the roots of plants. Although setting a Victor Mole... Read More »

Mole Trap Instructions?

Mole infestation can ruin lawns and gardens from the ridges burrowing moles create. Step on mole tunnels to encourage the moles to burrow elsewhere; if such attempts are unsuccessful and infestatio... Read More »