How Do I Throw a Bomb in Halo Combat?

Answer "Halo: Combat Evolved" was released for the Xbox in 2001. In addition to a variety of guns available for the player to use, the game also offers two types of grenades, regular grenades and sticky g... Read More »

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How to Suicide Bomb in the Halo Games?

Suicide bombing in Halo is fun, and while you will lose a kill, killing someone else will even it out and possibly give you points.

How to Unlock Slayer in "Halo Combat Evolved" for Xbox 360?

The first installment of the Halo video game series, "Halo: Combat Evolved" quickly gained recognition for its graphics and multiplayer gameplay. Before the age of Xbox Live, "Combat Evolved" allow... Read More »

How to Become a Master Banshee Pilot in Halo Combat Evolved?

Most guys call Banshee pilots as noobs, but don't worry; some people even call the so called "pro" snipers noobs. They call the word "noob" because they are afraid of you. Afraid of what you are ca... Read More »

How to Defeat an Elite on Halo Combat Evolved Legendary Difficulty?

Elites are very difficult to defeat on legendary difficulty on Halo. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat them easily.