How Do I Test for Gold Content?

Answer When testing for gold content, you will need a testing stone, testing needles and testing acids. Being able to test gold for content allows for accuracy when determining what karat designation your... Read More »

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How to Test Gold Purity with a Scratch Test?

The value of gold depends on two factors; how much the gold weighs and how pure it is. The science of measuring the purity of gold is assaying. Professional assayers typically use specialized labor... Read More »

How to Test Hydraulic Oil for Water Content?

When water enters into a closed oil-based hydraulic system it can soon lead performance problems in that system. There's an increase in wear and tear on the system and an eventual corrosion of the ... Read More »

How to Test the Pectin Content of Fruit?

When making jam or jelly, it's important to know the pectin content of the fruit you're using, as this impacts the setting of the jam or jelly. The simple test outlined in this article will help yo... Read More »

How to Test for Food Alcohol Content?

Alcohol is usually included in recipes to add a specific flavor, not to get people drunk. You may not worry about the alcohol content of your recipes because you have heard alcohol is burned off du... Read More »