How Do I Take Apart My HP Laptop?

Answer Hewlett-Packard has developed the majority of its laptops with the same style and build for many years now, which makes taking them apart simple and easy. While it may look like a hefty task, pulli... Read More »

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How to Take Apart an HP Pavilion Laptop?

Knowing how to take apart your HP Pavilion laptop can make it easier to replace or upgrade hardware. It can also help you avoid paying someone else to take apart your laptop and upgrade or replace ... Read More »

How to Take Apart a Dell XPS M170 Laptop?

Taking your Dell laptop apart does not have to be a difficult task. It does require you to unscrew certain parts of your laptop and possibly remove external parts that could be in the way of your c... Read More »

How to Take Apart a Toshiba Satellite Laptop?

You might need to open a Toshiba Satellite laptop to clean the unit or to install hardware such as DVD drives, network cards or RAM. Though it isn't quite as easy as opening up a desktop computer (... Read More »

How to Take an Acer 2410 Laptop Apart?

There are many reasons to take apart an Acer laptop. You may want to replace you hard drive. You might want to troubleshoot or clean your system cooling fan. Whatever the case, you will need to kno... Read More »