How Do I Sugar a Lemon Peel for a Garnish?

Answer A sugared lemon peel is also referred to as candied. The process of sugaring is fairly simple, but you do need about an hour for the peel to candy fully. Sugared lemon peel is a delicious garnish f... Read More »

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How do i make lemon juice from grated lemon peel?

Grate the PeelGrate the peel of a lemon using a lemon grater or zester. If these special kitchen tools are not available, use a cheese grater or make thin slices with a vegetable peeler.Mix Ingredi... Read More »

Can lemon juice be substituted for lemon peel?

Lemon juice isn't recommended as a substitute for lemon peel, which is also known as lemon zest. However, for every teaspoon of lemon peel the recipe calls for, you can use ½ teaspoon of lemon ext... Read More »

How to Make a Rose Lemon Garnish?

Sometimes decorating a dish with garnish will add color and life to a presentation. Brighten up any dish or plate with a refreshing, and aesthetically pleasing lemon rose garnish. Place it in the m... Read More »

How to Make Sugar Garnish?

If you are looking for an attractive and easy to make garnish for your desserts and cakes, make garnishes from sugar. When melted to the appropriate temperature, sugar makes elegant and shiny garni... Read More »