How Do I Stop The Pain on a scale of 1-10, it's a 12!?

Answer get some parents that care about you

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On a scale of 1 to 10, what kind of pain would you say is a 10?

How do you stop the pain of trapped wind Dont want cheap jokes im in pain today?

peppermint capsules are good - available from health food shops (and Boots I think). Windeeze from chemists are good, I've tried Deflatine but never had good results from themI also find that sitt... Read More »

Scale of 1 - 10 (ten being the worst pain possible) how bad does labor hurt?

this is a definitive 10+...but hold on! It's a different pain, as it has a known ending and reason. And it varies, unlike say a broken bone or migraine headache. When I was in transition, in betw... Read More »

On a scale of 1 to NO NO NO make it stop ! How much do you enjoy choosing curtain fabric?

I am uncertain as to where shaving my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tinfoil fits into your scale...but that is my answer & I'm sticking to it.PS: this comes from a woman who bought to... Read More »