How Do I Square a Fraction?

Answer Though a fraction represents a single value, some mathematical operations treat its two numbers separately. A fraction is composed of two whole numbers, one as the numerator on top and the other as... Read More »

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How to Square a Mixed Fraction?

A mixed fraction expresses the combination of an integer (whole number) and a fraction. For example, 3 2/3 is a mixed fraction. Squaring a number means multiplying it by itself; for example, 3^2 = ... Read More »

How to Square a Fraction With a Variable?

Squaring a number, or algebraic expression that contains a variable, means multiplying it by itself. Squaring numbers can be done in your head or on a calculator to get an actual answer, while squa... Read More »

How to Calculate the Square Root as a Fraction of a Power?

Exponential notation allows you to express repeated multiplication in shorthand. For example, 2 x 2 x 2 expressed with exponential notation becomes 2^3. Exponential notation can also be used to exp... Read More »

If 2 cartons of eggs are full and the third is not what will the fraction and the mixed fraction be?