How Do I Setup a Telnet Client to Accept a Telnet Session?

Answer Telnet is a protocol used to emulate a remote terminal. This protocol allows a user to access a remote computer and execute commands as if performing commands on the remote computer in person. Teln... Read More »

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What is a Telnet client?

A Telnet client is a program that allows you to access a Telnet server on a local network or over the Internet. Unlike the Web, which is graphical, Telnet servers display only text.References:India... Read More »

How to Use Telnet on Mac OS X?

Telnet is a useful application that's been around for decades. You can use it to connect to remote servers for various purposes, such as remotely administering a machine through a Telnet server or ... Read More »

How to Telnet in Vista?

This is a How-To on doing Telnet in Windows Vista.

Which protocol does Telnet use?

Telnet servers use the Transmission Control Protocol, or the TCP, of the TCP/IP suite. For non-secure Telnet connections, TCP port 23 is used. For Secure Shell (SSH), TCP port 22 is used.References... Read More »