How Do I Separate Flour From Water?

Answer If you have any two substances that go together without chemically bonding with each other, you have a mixture. Mixtures can include solids, liquids or both as their ingredients. One of the kinds o... Read More »

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How do you separate clean sea water that make up muddy sea water?

How do you separate muddy sea water to clean sea water?

You use distillation. Boil water and catch the subsequent steam. The steam will not contain the salt, which does not evaporate. Condense the steam and it will be pure water: 2 hydrogen, 1 oxygen. R... Read More »

How to Mix Corn Flour With Water?

Corn flour and water, when combined, become a non-Newtonian fluid, which has a shear rate that increases independent of velocity. Adding food coloring to this simple physics demonstration tints the... Read More »

Can you use water and flour for wallpaper?

You can make wallpaper paste from flour and water. Not only is it a common practice, it is also inexpensive and eco-friendly. You can also add an eco-friendly solvent, like essence of turpentine, t... Read More »