How Do I Sell Music on My Web Page?

Answer Selling your music directly on your web page means 100-percent instant profit for you and instant gratification for your fans. It allows you more control over your content. You can set your own pri... Read More »

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Other than Amazon and Itunes, what other big-name companies sell music CDs and music downloads online?

Google play is a great big one. Sony has its own music empire too.Best.

How to Save Music off of a MySpace Music Page Without Using the Download Button?

Using an audio stream recorder to record music from Myspace or another streaming audio website that doesn't have a download option.

How can I add music to my page?

It depends on what particular audio file format your music is in. And some simple HTML statements can accomplish what you want.One of these special elements is the tag (initially created for Inte... Read More »

How to Put Music on Your Web Page?

This is a method to put one or more songs on one's web page, which can be played one at a time by click, and which can be changed at will by the html page author.