How Do I Scatter Flower Seeds So They Take?

Answer Seed scattering is a method of planting seeds often used for wildflowers. Packages of mixed wildflowers are purchased and the seeds spread over a field. Despite how easy this sounds, preparation is... Read More »

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What is to plant or scatter seeds?

How do i cut&regrow flower seeds?

Harvest SeedsLook for flowers that were pollinated during the blooming season. They will have small seedpods hanging where the flower once was. Use small, sharp scissors to snip these seedpods from... Read More »

How do I store flower seeds?

Short-term StorageStore seeds at room temperature and use within a year. Keep the seeds away from heat, light and moisture. Seeds may be used after a year, but the germination quality of the seeds ... Read More »

How do I plant flower seeds?

Select Your SeedsPick flower seeds according to the USDA plant hardiness zone you live in (see Resources) for best results. Also, choose your seeds according to flower height and color. Know ahead ... Read More »