How Do I Scatter Flower Seeds So They Take?

Answer Seed scattering is a method of planting seeds often used for wildflowers. Packages of mixed wildflowers are purchased and the seeds spread over a field. Despite how easy this sounds, preparation is... Read More »

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What is to plant or scatter seeds?

Which flower part becomes the seeds?

A female or hermaphroditic flower contains eggs, or ovules, housed in an ovary. Once these eggs are fertilized, they develop into seeds. The eggs are fertilized by two sperms contained in a pollen ... Read More »

How do I store flower seeds?

Short-term StorageStore seeds at room temperature and use within a year. Keep the seeds away from heat, light and moisture. Seeds may be used after a year, but the germination quality of the seeds ... Read More »

Where do seeds form in a flower?

Seeds form in the ovary of a flower. After pollen grains fall on the stigma of a flower, a pollen tube grows downward to fertilize the ovule or egg inside the ovary. The fertilized ovule develops i... Read More »