How Do I Rivet an Aluminum Boat?

Answer Most aluminum boats are held together with rivets. Rivets are designed to secure the aluminum together and expand so that the aluminum seams remain secure. Over time, excessive exposure to water ca... Read More »

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What Type of Aluminum Goes Into a Welded Aluminum Boat?

Boats are made of many materials including wood, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. Wood was used for thousands of years until iron and steel ships came along in the 19th century. Fiberglass and alum... Read More »

How to Repaint an Aluminum Boat?

An old aluminum boat may still be usable but leave much to be desired in appearance. A simple, inexpensive paint job can transform a chipped, multicolored surface into a shiny, smooth one.

How to Repair an Aluminum Boat?

Aluminum boats are most popular for fishing. Aluminum boats are desirable because they are resistant to corrosion, lightweight and durable. Aluminum boats are very strong, but they can still spring... Read More »

How to Repair an Aluminum Boat Leak?

Aluminum boats are favored for their lightweight construction, but this asset also becomes a liability regarding the boat's structural strength. Aluminum boats can puncture easily when they come in... Read More »