How Do I Retrieve An E-Mail Sent In Error?

Answer I inadvertently sent an e-mail to the wrong recipient. How can I retrieve an e-mail sent from outlook quickly

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How to retrieve an email sent in error to someone?

No way. No how. A sincere apology for the mix up is your only option.

How to Retrieve Email Sent in Error?

Sending an email to the wrong person--or a wrong email to the right person--can be embarrassing, costly and detrimental. Usually, once you hit send, there isn't anything you can do about it. Howeve... Read More »

Can I retrieve unread email sent in error?

You could see if they will accommodate you by giving out their password to check on things. Then send your message back. No messages can not be retreived from recipients account back to yours. Once... Read More »

Is there any way to retrieve email sent in error and delete it?

Unfortunately, no. All you can do is send a follow-up to tell the person it was a mistake and not to bother opening it.