How Do I Reset the Engine Computer in a 1993 Plymouth Colt?

Answer The 1993 Plymouth Colt uses an OBD-I computer system to monitor the engine for potential malfunctions and make dynamic adjustments to settings, such as the air to fuel ratio. When the system itself... Read More »

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How to Reset the Check Engine Light on a 1993 Toyota?

You can reset the Check Engine light on your '93 Toyota without any special tools. The vehicle's Electronic Control Unit (ECU) stores trouble codes sent to it from the emissions system or from the ... Read More »

How to Reset the Computer on a 1993 Econoline?

The computer on your Ford Econoline van controls important vehicle systems. If this computer fails, your van will not run at all. Controlling the air-to-fuel ratio and emissions are the two most im... Read More »

How Do You Add Transmission Oil to a Plymouth Colt?

Transmission oil (commonly called fluid) is often overlooked in the course of doing routine maintenance on a car. Most people know to check the oil and maybe the water in the radiator, but not ever... Read More »

How to Reset an Engine Computer?

Any vehicle built from 1996 until now comes equipped with an on board diagnostics two (OBD II) computer system. Prior to that, some vehicles were equipped with an OBD computer system or none at all... Read More »