How Do I Reset a Laptop?

Answer Most laptops do not have a dedicated "Reset" button like a desktop computer, but you can reset your laptop through the Windows Start menu. Performing a reset is also called rebooting or restarting ... Read More »

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How to Reset a Toshiba Laptop Without a CD?

It's simple to lose track of the recovery CD that came with your Toshiba laptop, as no one ever thinks they will need it. If you find yourself in a situation where your laptop needs to be completel... Read More »

How to Reset the Battery for a HP Laptop?

The battery on HP laptop computers is typically able to provide about two hours worth of battery power before the computer depletes the battery's power. Depending on your computer's power settings,... Read More »

How to Reset a Gateway Laptop?

Computers sometimes will operate slowly, get stuck on a screen, or seemingly crash completely. While a slow, stalled, or even crashed Gateway laptop can be quite frustrating, it doesn't necessarily... Read More »

Can you reset a laptop battery?

If laptop batteries remain fully charged for a period of time, the charge indicator can become inaccurate and show shorter battery run times before dropping to zero. Performing a complete discharg... Read More »