How Do I Reset a Brita Filter?

Answer Brita manufacturers a complete line of faucet and pitcher water filtration units. Each of the units uses a filter to remove harmful chemicals and bacteria from your tap water. The filters require r... Read More »

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How to Use a New Brita Filter?

Brita has been one of the most successful water filtration companies since 1966 when the company was founded in Germany. They released the first home water filtration jug in 1970. The filter contai... Read More »

Which is the better water filter: Brita or Pur?

On One Hand: Pros and Cons of BritaAccording to, Brita "dominates the pitcher category." According to Nicos Stylianou's article on the website Article Alley, however, Brita's p... Read More »

What Is Inside a Brita Filter?

A Brita water filtration system is a plastic pitcher that is divided into top and bottom compartments. These two compartments are separated by a filter. Water is poured into the top reservoir and p... Read More »

Will a Brita filter work for arsenic?

Brita Pitchers have a built-in water filter that utilizes activated carbon and ion-exchange resins to remove contaminants from drinking water. The filters are designed to reduce levels of copper, c... Read More »