How Do I Report Possible Drugs in School?

Answer Drugs are illegal, dangerous and all too common among students in schools all over the country. When you suspect someone of bringing drugs to school, you have a responsibility to report your suspic... Read More »

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Is it possible to get high without drugs?

Never believe anybody who tells you that drugs are harmless, they only create an illusion of wellbeing anyway. True happiness comes through meditation - and with the kind of meditation I do, resul... Read More »

Is it possible to buy good hallucinagenic drugs online How about shrooms or acid?

Yes, you can purchase stuff online in the states. LSD and Shrooms are schedule 1 drugs, so if you find them online, don't order. Ordering a schedule 1 drug = hardtime. However chemicals like syn... Read More »

How to Report Possible Tax Fraud?

Tax fraud, as defined by Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary, is "a willful act done with the intent to cheat in the assessment or payment of any tax liability." If you believe an individual or a b... Read More »

Is it possible to EDIT a bad report card?

i know that i am giving a bad idea. but try to get abbyy finereader and scan for text recognition. the software to download is a