How Do I Replace Two Thermostats on an Altima?

Answer The cooling system on 2003 to 2005 Nissan Altimas came equipped with two thermostats. Both thermostats provide the same function but in different places: When the engine temperature reaches its ope... Read More »

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How to Replace Thermostats in '99 Rodeos?

The thermostat on the Isuzu Rodeo is closed when you first start your engine. This happens so that the engine can heat up more quickly. When the engine reaches operating temperature, the thermostat... Read More »

How to Replace a Tie Rod End in a Nissan Altima?

Replacing a tie rod end in a Nissan Altima is a must--especially when there's too much play in the tie rod ends. Because of the integral relationship between the steering and the wheels, this is so... Read More »

How to Replace the Distributor in a '96 Altima?

The distributor on the Nissan Altima distributes electricity from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. There is a specific order that the distributor fires the spark plugs in. The spark plug wires... Read More »

How to Replace a Tie Rod in a Nissan Altima?

When the tie rod of the Nissan Altima becomes bent, it manifests itself in the steering. Even after an alignment, your Nissan Altima still won't track straight. You might even notice that your stee... Read More »