How Do I Remove the Starter From a 1989 Jaguar XJS?

Answer The 1989 Jaguar XJS V-12 engine has 12 cylinders. Although not very popular on American-made engines, the V-12 configuration is popular on European engines. However, many Jaguar's are imported to t... Read More »

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How to Remove the Starter on a 1989 IROC Camaro?

The starter motor on a 1989 IROC Camaro is a small electrical motor mounted to the bottom of the engine block on the passenger's side of the vehicle. The starter has a toothed gear thta meshes with... Read More »

1989 Jaguar XJS Specifications?

As the 1980s wound to a close the full-size personal luxury coupe's popularity was waning. An appropriate example of a full-size luxury coupe is the 1989 Jaguar XJS, which symbolized everything the... Read More »

1989 Jaguar XJS V12 Specs?

The 1989 Jaguar XJS is available as both a two-door coupe and two-door convertible. Both XJS models feature a V-12 engine. When released the XJS models retailed for between $48,000 and $57,000. Jag... Read More »

How to Remove a Wood Dashboard from a Jaguar?

The wooden dashboard on your Jaguar is composed of several wooden components. Removing the components and various panels is actually fairly simple as most can be pried off with only a slotted screw... Read More »