How Do I Remove Files From Diskettes?

Answer Insert the diskette into a floppy disk drive on your computer, and then click "Start." Double-click "My Computer," locate the floppy drive in your drive list and double-click on it to open the wind... Read More »

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How to Remove PDF Files From Mac OS 10.5.4?

Mac OSX 10.5.4 is an upgrade for the Macintosh Leopard operating system. This upgrade enhances the performance of the Leopard system by improving stability, compatibility with various software appl... Read More »

How to Remove Files From Cdrw?

A CD-RW disc is a rewriteable storage disc. Unlike normal blank CDs, CD-RWs can be erased and reused over and over. The rewritable feature makes the discs a good alternative for backing up data, ra... Read More »

How do I remove files from startup XP?

Open a "Run" prompt by clicking on your "Start" button and choosing "Run" from the menu, or press the Windows key and the "R" key on your keyboard simultaneously. When the "Run" prompt appears, typ... Read More »

How to Remove Rust From Metal Files?

Rust not only looks bad, but it can cause serious damage. Metal objects that once worked well can become handicapped or even useless due to rust alone. Prevention is the best way to keep rust away... Read More »