How Do I Remove Files From Diskettes?

Answer Insert the diskette into a floppy disk drive on your computer, and then click "Start." Double-click "My Computer," locate the floppy drive in your drive list and double-click on it to open the wind... Read More »

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How do I use diskettes?

Compatible EquipmentFind a computer equipped with a diskette drive. Very few new, or even recently produced, machines include a diskette drive. If you can't find one, you can still buy a peripheral... Read More »

How do I dispose of diskettes?

Delete DataErase all data from the old disks. Place each disk in the computer drive slot. Locate the drive icon and right click on it to select format. Select "full format." This will delete all da... Read More »

How do diskettes work?

Diskettes or floppy disks are means in which computer files and data can be stored. Using a floppy disk drive, the diskette or floppy disk can be inserted to read, add or write data.Size of a diske... Read More »

Types of Diskettes?

Since 1971, computers have been able to store and access data on floppy diskettes. This means of data storage was invented at IBM by a team lead by Alan Shugart. Since then, floppy diskettes have e... Read More »