How Do I Remove Cat Dander From the Upholstery?

Answer Keeping your home clean of fur and dander when you have a cat can be difficult but necessary, especially when you or other family members suffer from allergies. Even though cat dander tends to be s... Read More »

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How do I clean cat dander on upholstery?

Spray an anti-allergen spray over the entire upholstered area until the fibers are damp. Let the solution dry between 1 and 2 hours.Purchase a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum cleaner,... Read More »

How to Remove Cat Dander From the House?

Cats bring fun, entertainment and companionship to your life. Unfortunately, they also bring dander and allergens to your home. If you suffer from allergies because of your feline friend, act quick... Read More »

How do I remove red pen ink from upholstery?

Contain ItPour hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle about ¼ full. Squirt the peroxide around the red pen ink stain to form a barrier to keep the ink from spreading when you are trying to remove i... Read More »

How to Remove Wax from Car Upholstery?

Wax can be a tricky substance to clean up. It's not a rare occurrence to have some sort of waxy stain on the upholstery of your car, especially if you have kids who love to use crayons.