How Do I Record 2 Different Output Sources?

Answer When you want your viewers to listen to what your friends are saying then you should connect sound source 2 with Xsplit and rest of the times you should connect sound source 1 with it.I don't thin... Read More »

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If i connect two output sources. 9volts with 175mA and 1.2 Volts with 2500mA. what will be outcome?

Don't connect them together at all.>> From the wording of your question, it looks like the 9 V source may be AC.If so, it could damage the 1.2 V source.If the 9V source is DC, connecting the two in... Read More »

Is it possible to record speaker output on computer?

Use Audacity (free) to do this. (Windows/Mac/Linux)See following videos at bottom of page for how to do this with AudacityAudacity (free)You can record with it, edit, mix, and add sound effects. Yo... Read More »

How to Record Specific Audio Sources in Vista?

Microsoft Windows Vista includes integrated audio source configuration and recording software. Unlike earlier versions of Windows that displayed different audio sources on a specific device as diff... Read More »

Can I record audio from two sources at the same time on one computer?

Using a cable, you are only splitting the left and the right stereo channels. So If you were to split your computer's Line IN, you could record the game on the left and the mic on the right.Most s... Read More »