How Do I Properly Shuffle Tarot Cards?

Answer Tarot cards feature symbolic pictures separated into four different suits, plus a set of 21 major arcana or non-suited cards. When laid in certain configurations, it is believed that the combined p... Read More »

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How to Set up Tarot Cards?

Ever wanted to read the tarot cards but don't know how? Then this page will help you on your way. Begin with a Tarot deck you have become familiar with. Most decks come with a book to teach you abo... Read More »

How to Read Tarot Cards?

Tarot CardsDo you have a deck of Tarot cards but are tired of flipping through the tiny book that came with them? You can read cards easily by following a few simple steps. Use this method to give ... Read More »

How to Interpret Tarot Cards?

A great way to launch into interpreting a tarot card reading is to momentarily forget everything you've ever read, memorized, or learned about the cards & their meanings. View the reading layout as... Read More »

Different Tarot Devil Cards?

Meant to represent a stage in the journey of "The Fool" (the card numbered 0 in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck), "The Devil" (card 15) is a card about facing the dark side of one's own humanity... Read More »