How Do I Print Just a Portion of a webpage..Not the whole page?

Answer highlight what you want to print and right click on the highlighted area and choose print. it should print what you highlighted.

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How do I just copy a paragraph instead of a whole page when i want to print it out.?

highlight the selected text>right click>print>selection >apply>print button

I want to select a portion of a page to print?

I just highlight the part to be printed. Select print and under page range mine says, all, selection, or pages 1 and up. If it doesn't have the selection option I'm not sure what to do.

How to print it out on whole page?

Open up the what you want to printLeft click and highlight either part or the whole area you want printedRight click the highlighted area and click print previewChange the box "As laid out on scree... Read More »

I just installed IE 7 and now I can't print my web page. The ink covers the rest of the page.?

Go to printer setup and make sure that the settings have not changed. Internet 7 is a little buggy sometimes.Before printing , go in print preview and if you do not see the page, look at the top an... Read More »