How Do I Play As Starscream in "Decepticons"?

Answer The Nintendo DS Transformers game came out in two installments, Autobots and Decepticons, based on the two rivaling robotic factions featured in the "Transformers" cartoons and films. Players can c... Read More »

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How did Megatron and Starscream meet?

Megatron was reborn from the Atlantic coast, and then flew in his flight mode to the Decepticon headquarters to punish starscream for leaving him to die in the city.

List of Decepticons?

The Decepticons have been the main villains of the "Transformers" franchise ever since Hasbro released the first toys in 1984. Ruthless, cruel and bent on conquest, the Decepticons are opposed by t... Read More »

How to Get All Cars on DS Transformers Decepticons?

“Transformers: Decepticons” is part of a two-game series for the Nintendo DS. In this game, you’ll get to play as the villainous Decepticons fighting against the heroic Autobots, reversing th... Read More »

How to Unlock Megatron in "Decepticons DS" as a Playable Character?

"Transformers: Decepticons" covers the events of "Transformers: Autobots" from the point of view of the series' antagonists. Your primary goal in "Decepticons" is getting Megatron, your leader, bac... Read More »