How Do I Plant New Mexico Green Chilie Plants?

Answer Chilies are a fickle crop. New Mexico green chilies are no different, and their name is quite telling. Chilies require a lengthy, warm season to grow, much like they find in New Mexico. If you choo... Read More »

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How far apart do I plant green pepper plants?

Green peppers, also known as bell peppers, thrive when planted in full sun and in well-drained soil conditions. According to The Ohio State University, plants should be spaced 18 to 24 inches apart... Read More »

If a tomato plant is infected with the mosaic virus can the seeds from that plant be used to plant new plants in following years or will the virus go with it.?

No, the seeds are sometimes affected and there is no way of telling which ones they are until too late. Some viruses can be controlled on seeds by a process of fermentation, but this doesn't appear... Read More »

How to Help Haiti and Chilie?

Donate and helpMany of you have heard about the situation in Haiti. Many of you heard about the situation in Chile. If you want to help both of them, You came to the right place. Here are some ways... Read More »

What does the color green represent in Mexico?

The green found on Mexico’s tri-color flag represents the country’s independence from Spain. The red in the flag symbolizes the blood of the country’s national heroes and the white represents... Read More »