How Do I Place a Chicken Egg in an Incubator?

Answer Incubating fertile chicken eggs without the help of a hen can be easy and rewarding. You first need to understand the optimal conditions hatching eggs require. Additionally, you should be familiar ... Read More »

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How warm should a chicken incubator be?

On One Hand: Actual Incubator TemperatureKeep the chicken egg incubator between 99 and 102 F, states the University of Minnesota. Keeping temperatures on the lower end of the range works better tha... Read More »

How to Hatch a Chicken Egg in a Still Air Incubator?

Success in hatching chickens using a still air incubator depends primarily on attention to detail. The eggs require careful monitoring and handling several times daily during the incubation process... Read More »

How to Take Care of an Abandoned Chicken Egg Without an Incubator?

Chickens will sit on their eggs to keep them at the proper temperature while the chick is developing and growing. If your chicken dies or is unable to sit on an egg, you'll have to care for the egg... Read More »

How to Make a Small Chicken Incubator?

Manually hatching eggs is an age-old hobby for farmers and amateurs alike. Chicken eggs need lots of consistent heat and turning to survive and hatch healthy. Instead of waiting for mother hen, you... Read More »