How Do I Pick Food for a Hiking Trip?

Answer Hiking food should be lightweight, nonperishable, easily packed and nutritious. You can plan to bring food that meets all these requirements if you do a little thinking ahead. Also remember to plan... Read More »

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How to Plan a Hiking Trip to Machu Picchu? found Machu Picchu to be a recurring event on the several of the Top Ten lists - it's one of the best ruins, one of the seven wonders of the world, and hiking the Inc... Read More »

A Hiking Food List?

Backpacking requires a diet of between 3,000 and 4,000 calories each day to support the high level of activity. At the same time, you are limited on the space available to carry food during your tr... Read More »

How to Fix Hiking Shoes for Safe and Comfortable Hiking?

If you're a serious hiker, you have probably gone to a lot of effort to purchase great hiking boots. No matter how good your boots are, however, they cannot ensure a foot safe and comfortable hike ... Read More »

I'm about to take a trip to The Ocean and I'm trying to pick out the proper attire?

Well (((Star))),You sure DO Ramble On..But if you're "Comin'" to California, prepare yourself for a Whole Lotta Love with No Quarter.It's just a Misty Mountain Hop away after all.I can introduce yo... Read More »