How Do I Make a Yagi USB Antenna?

Answer A Yagi antenna will increase the directionality and gain of your computer's internal antenna and allow you to locate and receive Wi-Fi signals and a greater range. The USB adapter allows you to eas... Read More »

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What is the difference between yagi antenna and dipole antenna?

A yagi is a dipole with one or more DIRECTORS and a REFLECTOR added to it. It makes the dipole more directional and stronger.

Homemade Outdoor Yagi Antenna?

The Yagi directional antenna is named after the Japanese inventor who designed it. A simple, three-element antenna can be built from a coat hanger or household copper wire. The elements will be si... Read More »

How to Build a WiFi Yagi Antenna?

Yagi antennas have been used since the heyday of radio. The reason they are still in use is Wi-Fi signals also are radio waves. Any signal sent over radio frequencies can be received freely through... Read More »

What is a yagi-uda three element directional antenna?

The Yagi-Uda is a directional antenna that uses coupled parallel dipoles to maximize reception. Its design specifically reduces signal-to-noise ratio, improving the reception of radio waves across ... Read More »