How Do I Know if My URL Expired?

Answer Those who own domains know the importance of renewing their URL before it expires. When a website owner fails to renew the URL, they risk losing their site unless they act immediately to regain acc... Read More »

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How to Know When Mascara Has Expired?

Mascara is an absolute essential for any makeup bag. With it, lashes can appear to be thickened, lengthened and colored almost any hue imaginable. Modern science and technology have created product... Read More »

How to Know when Makeup Has Expired?

In our excitement to try the latest and greatest products, some of our cosmetics get tossed aside until we dig them up later and we wonder if they're even safe to use by now. Here's a few guideline... Read More »

Is it safe to drink an expired sealed grounded coffee(expired 7yrs ago)?

no problem at allmay not be as stronginvite friends over and serve it and see response

I got an expired coca cola ( 2 mos. expired), is it still healthy to drink it?

No soda is "healthy" to drink. As for being expired, it won't harm you more than regular soda, it just won't be as fresh.