How Do I Know When the External Batteries on a Smart-UPS Are Charged?

Answer An uninterrupted power supply (UPS), as the name suggests, provides essential power backup for your computer and other peripheral equipment. A Smart-UPS keeps your computer running in the event of ... Read More »

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Do lithium batteries need to be charged before using?

Lithium batteries do not need to be charged before using. The maximum charging capacity of a lithium battery is already available with the first use. Priming (charging and discharging the batteries... Read More »

How to Keep Marine Batteries Charged?

Marine and deep cycle batteries are both commonly used for a variety of applications, ranging from traditional power sources for boat engines and electronics to small-scale renewable energy applica... Read More »

How long should rechargeable AA batteries be charged?

To estimate how long it will take to charge a standard NiMH AA battery in a rapid charger, divide the battery's capacity by the charge rate of the charger. Then, add an extra 20 percent to that tim... Read More »

Does Sony ship their laptops with the batteries fully charged?

Sony laptops are not shipped with fully-charged batteries and it is recommended that the consumer charge the battery fully before using the laptop. Replacement batteries can also be purchased and a... Read More »