How Do I Know My Alternator Is Bad?

Answer A car not turning over or somewhat turning was causes concern and a need for diagnosis. Determining what the issue is before heading to a mechanic will save you time and possibly money. Knowing you... Read More »

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How Do I Know If I Need a New Alternator?

Unlike many other car parts, there is no set mileage at which you need to replace an alternator. It may last for 100,000 miles or more or it may malfunction much sooner. Occasionally, an alternator... Read More »

How to Know If the Alternator Bearings Are Bad?

An alternator on a vehicle keeps the battery charged while it is parked and while it is being driven. This is also where the power is generated to operate lights and other electronics inside the ve... Read More »

How to Know When an Alternator Fails?

The alternator in your car serves two very basic yet crucial goals. The first is to provide enough electricity to maintain a 12-volt charge in your automobile's battery so there is ample power to s... Read More »

How do I know how many amps an alternator is?

Connect an amp meter to the positive and negative terminals of your vehicle's battery. Start your vehicle, and bring the idle of your engine up to 1,200 RPM. Read the amp meter to determine how man... Read More »