How Do I Know If a WAV File Is Embeded?

Answer A waveform audio file format, commonly referred to as WAV, is a proprietary audio file format developed by Microsoft and IBM. The WAV format is typically used for music applications, such as music ... Read More »

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I have a batch file game. Does anyone know how to open a music file minimized?

Use this to open WMP in a hidden window.Edit the path to the music file as neededIf running a 32 bit version of windows, use this for the path to WMP:"C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer... Read More »

In Html coding how does the <img> file know where to be found where should i put the image file?

src attribute. not > and that in HTML, the tag is simply that and nothing more unless you want to specify .other than that they are the same.

How soon after you file will you know if the IRS chooses you for an audit?

The Internal Revenue Service notifies taxpayers that they have been selected for an audit within 12 to 18 months of filing tax returns, according to Tax Debt Help. However, the IRS can audit return... Read More »

How to Know When to File for State Extended Unemployment in Georgia?

If you remain unemployed in Georgia through your regular unemployment claim and your federal extended unemployment benefits, you may be able to move onto state extended benefits. In Georgia, the st... Read More »