How Do I Know If a Transmission Solenoid Is Bad?

Answer A transmission shift solenoid is an electromagnet designed to shift an automatic transmission through its sequence of gears. Shift solenoids are used on modern vehicles with electronic automatic tr... Read More »

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What Is a Transmission Control Solenoid?

With manual transmission vehicles you work the clutch yourself to shift gears. With an automatic transmission system, shifting is controlled by a complicated hydraulic system, which uses control so... Read More »

The Symptoms of a Bad Transmission Solenoid?

Some vehicle problems can be difficult to diagnose. The transmission solenoid is a lever that keeps your car or truck in the correct gear and prevents the transmission from switching to drive, reve... Read More »

What Is an Automatic Transmission Solenoid?

The transmission is an automotive part located at the back of the engine and allows the vehicle to move based on its ability to shift gears. The shifting of gears is made possible the automatic tra... Read More »

What Does a Solenoid in a Dodge Transmission Do?

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