How Do I Know If They Implanted a Keylogger on My Computer?

Answer Many antispyware/antivirus programs are pretty poor when it comes to keyloggers because they can now create hooks and become very hard to find.Firstly, if you really think you have a keylogger inst... Read More »

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How to Know if a Torrent Keylogger Has a Virus?

Knowing how to check if a torrent has a keylogger may prevent you from getting your online accounts stolen. Keyloggers record every keystroke you make. This allows them to steal your user names, pa... Read More »

How do I get a keylogger off a computer?

Open the task manager on your computer by pressing Control, Alt and Delete at the same time. Select Processes from the available options.Stop the keylogger from continuing to run on your computer b... Read More »

After having a implanted venous access port placed for chemo I know have a choking sensation, Why?

Even if it is aeration, they amount of air that might be introduced is very small. I had a port put in and frankly never had a single issue, either with the placement or with subsequent use. Has ... Read More »