How Do I Know If My Pecan Tree Is Dead?

Answer While the pecan tree is a fairly low-maintenance tree, problems can occur. Without irrigation, zinc, nitrogen, weed control, insect management and disease prevention, pecan trees will die, accordin... Read More »

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How do I pot a pecan tree?

TimingPot the pecan tree in the late winter or very early spring, while the tree is dormant. Soak the roots of the plant for three hours if they appear dry. Cut the taproot--the main root--to a len... Read More »

How to Cut a Pecan Tree?

Pecan trees are a delight to have on your property and are found growing most thickly in the Southern United States. Even one tree can yield a large amount of pecan fruits that are delicious simply... Read More »

How often does a pecan tree need to be watered?

Pecan trees can adapt to drought conditions, but do best when watered properly. Dig a sizable basin around the tree that can hold a minimum of 10 gallons of water. New plantings thrive when heavily... Read More »

Is a pecan a hickory tree?

Within the walnut family (Juglandaceae) there are seven genera of plants, including Carya. This genus includes both the pecan hickory tree and several other species of hickories. Carya illinoensis... Read More »