How Do I Know If My Boss Is Spying on My Internet Activities?

Answer Employers have a duty to ensure that employees use company resources wisely. With the endless distractions and drains on employee productivity available on the Internet, companies are asserting the... Read More »

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With our all qualifications & experiences, we shouldn't try to be the boss of our BOSS at works place, agree?

Probably you've composed the question with contradictions, I'm sorry to say so! When one has that "qualifications" & "experiences", one would never go to be the 'boss' of one's BOSS! Well, I unders... Read More »

My boss insists I use the internet for company business only, should he mind his own business and STFU?

Definitely tell him to STFU. What a jerk. You gotta keep these employers in their place or they'll walk all over you. Send him my heartfelt FU's while your'e at it. The miserly fecker is lucky ... Read More »


Calm down, just block him. I don't think he is spying on you, he probably got your E-Mail address and wanted to spook you.-Elian

Could it be possible that someone is spying on me using my own webcam on my mac?

I, personally, don't think the web cam viewing from another computer is possible unless your friend is running a video streaming program and so are you. If he is using your web cam he must be very ... Read More »