How Do I Know If I Have a Tiger or Leopard?

Answer Tigers and leopards are both members of the cat family. There are many similarities between the two animals in their appearance, the way they hunt, and how they breed and nurture their young. Howev... Read More »

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How do i know if i have leopard or tiger?

go up to the apple (upper left) click go down to about this mac and click again it will tell you 10.4 tiger 10.5 leopard. ... ... ... :) its in the laptop section not the animal section lol

How to Install Mac OS Tiger or Leopard on your PC?

Okay, so the outer part won't look like this, but inside it will!Here's how to turn your PC into a Mac OS X, Tiger or Leopard. Enjoy your computer's awesome new Mac appearance!

How to Upgrade From Tiger to Leopard on Apple?

Mac OS X is Apple's standard Macintosh computer operating system. If your Apple computer still runs OS X 10.4 (named Tiger), you may have discovered that software updates for programs like Safari a... Read More »

Can I use a Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse with a Mac OSX Tiger or Leopard?

You can use the Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse with Mac OSX. However, you can only use it as a basic mouse since the mouse customization software for the more advanced button functions is not compatibl... Read More »