How Do I Know If I Have a Burnt Exhaust Valve?

Answer Because of their constant heat exposure, exhaust valves are some of the most likely to be burnt in vehicles. This can cause both serious and annoying problems. If you suspect that your exhaust valv... Read More »

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Smallblock Chevy Burnt Valve Symptoms?

Chevrolet manufacturers two V-8 engine families; the small-block and big-block, both relating to engine size, or displacement. Small-block Chevrolet engines are lighter in weight, more economical, ... Read More »

How to Find a Burnt Valve in a 1996 Honda?

The purpose of the intake valves on 1996 Hondas is to push air through the engine. The fuel and air mixture inside the engine is altered if a valve is burnt; this might cause the car to overheat. T... Read More »

How to Remove the Exhaust Valve?

The intake and exhaust valves on the automotive engine perform the task of allowing a fuel-mixture into the cylinder head for combustion and then expelling the burned gases out through the exhaust ... Read More »

Exhaust Valve Problems?

Inside a vehicle's engine houses a myriad of intricately moving parts to propel the car forward. Parts, such as exhaust valves, play a key role in the functioning of the engine's cylinder assemblies.