How Do I Know If I Have Enough Money for My First Apartment With No Credit?

Answer Finding the perfect first apartment is an exciting time, but the dream can be shattered if a landlord turns you down because of no credit history. Apartment managers look at a variety of factors be... Read More »

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What happens when you go to a restaurant and don't have enough money to pay and no credit card?

if they management is nice, they'll take your name, address, phone number, and have you pay them back later.if they are't nice, or it was a huuuuggge dinner, they might have you call someone who ca... Read More »

How Do I Know if My Credit is Good Enough to Apply for a Credit Card?

Managing your credit must be an important part of your financial health. Credit scores and reports can affect the types of mortgages for which you can apply, the type of employment you are qualifie... Read More »

Hi I'm twelve and I live in Italy and barely speak Italian and I wanna by an iphone but I don't have enough money How should I earn money when I can't work yet?

Well, you can either pay in gems to finish dishes immediatley, but for those who don't have many gems/ aren't willing to buy any, then you will have to wait for dishes to cook. I usually time my di... Read More »

I have bad credit, i have no cosigner, already got some $ from fed loans, but it's not enough.. wat can i do?

Some student loans are possible without co-signerI found interesting information about your answer, college loans with low interests, scholarships, college grants here. Goodhttp://all-student-loan... Read More »