How Do I Know If I Have Chinese Sheetrock?

Answer If your house was built between 2001 and 2007 and the drywall in your home is from China, it could be contaminated and emitting sulfur gases. The sulfur gases emitted from contaminated Chinese dryw... Read More »

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You have mold in your sheetrock how do you clean it without having to put up new sheetrock?

Answer That's an indication of water damage. It needs to be replaced.

I have bought some 'Nita Seed'' from a Chinese supermarket, but don't know what to do with it X?

Do you mean "aniseed"??It is also called the star anise, star aniseed, sweet cumin, badiane or Chinese star anise.In my family, we usually use it as an ingredient in five-spice powder.We also use i... Read More »

Do you have to sheetrock walls when spraypainting a basement ceiling?

You do not need to drywall basement walls before painting the ceiling. You should vacuum and wash them thoroughly when preparing the ceiling for painting, however. You should also protect floors an... Read More »

Why do Chinese people have Chinese children?

Because Chinese people are from China and that means that they will obviously have Chinese children.