How Do I Install Acura RL Front Brake Rotors?

Answer The replacement of your Acura RL front brake rotors is a basic part of vehicle maintenance. It is also essential to the safety and welfare of you and your family to have properly functioning front ... Read More »

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How to Install the Brake & Rotors for a 1995 Acura Integra?

Learning how to properly install the brakes and rotors on your Integra not only saves money, it teaches an invaluable skill that's used repeatedly. Wear and tear naturally occurs to the brake syste... Read More »

How to Install Front Brake Rotors?

Over time, a brake's rotor can become pitted from road debris. Excessive heat can also cause a brake rotor to warp. Finally, work brake pads can gouge the surface of the rotor. Each of these proble... Read More »

How to Install the Front Brake Rotors on a 96 BMW 740IL?

The 7-Series made its debut on U.S. soil in the 1986 model year, giving the BMW name the full-size, full luxury presence it was lacking. In 1996, the 10-year-anniversary model year of the 7-Series,... Read More »

How to Replace Acura CL Brake Rotors?

The Acura CL sedan uses a hydraulic caliper braking system to apply friction to a set of rotors, stopping the car. When these rotors become worn or damaged, they will require resurfacing or replace... Read More »