How Do I Install A DVD Burner To My Pc?

Answer Computer technician here.....Here's the catch as to why you're having this problem. Each of these drives have a little black plastic piece in the back of them which are called jumpers. The first th... Read More »

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Just got new pc but wen i try to burn it says connect a burner or install it but i have burner built in?

Do you have burning software? Try deep burner with a search if not.

How to Install a DVD Burner?

A DVD burner is an optical drive that can read as well as write DVD disks. While many computers can be easily connected to an external DVD burner using USB, you may want to install a DVD burner int... Read More »

How to Install a SATA DVD Burner to IDE Interface?

There are two main connections on the inside of your computer. The first is SATA and the second is IDE. These are two different methods of transferring data to and from the motherboard. However, if... Read More »

How to Install a DVD Burner in a Gateway Desktop?

DVD burners allow users to make digital copies of videos onto blank DVD disks. Users may then watch these videos on a DVD player or another computer. Whether you are replacing a current DVD drive o... Read More »