How Do I Give Myself Full Root Permissions in Lucid Lynx?

Answer Ubuntu, unlike most other Linux distributions, does not give users access to the root account. This policy increases your system's security somewhat by denying potential remote attackers access to ... Read More »

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How to Install Tor on Lucid Lynx?

The Onion Router (Tor) was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory as a means of protecting government communications and is now widely used by the public, including journalists, activists,... Read More »

How to Speed Up Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx is one of the later editions of the free Ubuntu Linux-based operating system. While Ubuntu is not an attractive option for some since it makes heavy use of the terminal and ... Read More »

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How much valerian root should you give a dog?

On One Hand: Determining the Correct Dosage YourselfValerian root has been used successfully as an anxiety remedy for dogs. However, without knowing exactly what kind of valerian root is being give... Read More »