How Do I Give My Son a Legal Guardian in Virginia?

Answer A guardian of a minor is the person with legal authority to manage the minor's financial and person affairs. In Virginia, guardians are only accorded legal powers if appointed by a judge and formal... Read More »

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Can a legal guardian give a child up for adoption in kansas?

In Kansas, legal guardians can consent to the adoption of minors that are under their care, if their parents are dead or are considered unfit. Guardians can also release minors to agencies that fin... Read More »

How do you become a legal guardian in th UK?

If you do not include your minor children in the will, the court may hold the will invalid and allow the intestate laws to be applied. You don't have to have a will, or put anyone in it.

Can you become someone's legal guardian in FL if they are 18?

Yes if you can show that they are unable to care for themselves or will cause great harm to others. If they are 18 then they are of age and considered an adult.Added: The above is true IF YOU CAN C... Read More »

How to Become a Legal Guardian?

There are numerous circumstances that can cause a person to need a legal guardian. Guardians are appointed for children and adults alike. Appointed persons are often family members that are concern... Read More »