How Do I Give Credit to Wikipedia in My Paper?

Answer Wikipedia, which is considered an "open source" Internet platform, is a relatively new phenomenon in the academic community for sourcing information. Professors, teachers and students have had to a... Read More »

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How Can I Build Credit If No One Wants to Give Me Credit?

If you have no credit, it can be difficult for you to obtain credit. The reason is that lenders would have no way to determine how well you pay your debts. If there is no history of accounts that y... Read More »

Give me the link to the funny wikipedia.? although it may contain some vulgar stuff.

Does Wikipedia give false information?

I would think most American’s would think the following line to be accurate:1. “George Washington was the first President.”If you saw that in wikipedia, it would seem to be a valid statement... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a reliable source (give reasons)?

As taught in college and high school it is not because ANYONE can edit ANY page. Take for instance the page of the muslim that Obama associated with. His page had all kinds of slurs on it and it ... Read More »