How Do I Get That Spark With My Girlfriend?

Answer When forming romantic relationships, most people seek an explosive combination that ignites fireworks and leaves them tingling with romantic charge. While you might not be able to make a sparkling ... Read More »

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Is it possible that guys with autism can have a girlfriend?

Of course they can. They are human like all of us and have feelings too.I agree! that was a rude question, i think children with special needs are adorable! they just need a little extra help, but ... Read More »

Is it right for your 18 year old son to expect that he can sleep with his girlfriend in his father's house?

Answer I dont think he should expect to be able to but he should discuss it with the father so that the rules are known by the both of them.

If you and your girlfriend are expecting a kid you are 17 she is 16 and her parents are trying to push you out of the kids life what can you do so that you know that there aint a chance of that happen?

Do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU CAN to prove that you are and will be a capable, responsible, loving parent. Also, if it has to come down to it, that is your child and I'm fairly certain that if you n... Read More »

My ex girlfriend is married and has 1 yr old and is pregnant with another child both by her husband will that increase the amount of child support I pay her for the 5 yr old I have have with her?

It should not lead to an increase in child support. It may lead to a decrease. The cost of supporting three children is significantly less, per child, than the cost of one child. There are many s... Read More »