How Do I Get New Rivals on Sorority Life?

Answer Sorority Life is a social game played on Facebook. In it, you assume the character of a sorority sister and try to accumulate cash, clothes and influence as you play the game. One aspect of the gam... Read More »

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How to Defeat the Five Rivals on "Sorority Life"?

Rivals in the social networking game, "Sorority Life," are the other players who frequently engage in battles with your character. Defeat your rivals in an online fashion fight after you depress th... Read More »

Sorority Life: How Do You Get Keepsakes?

Players of the Playdom game "Sorority Life" collect keepsake items to complete collections. Once you complete the collection, you win an item. See the collections in the "Glam" tab. The keepsakes d... Read More »

How to Get Pets on "Sorority Life"?

In the online game "Sorority Life," you can buy pets using Brownie Points (BP). BPsare earned by performing tasks for the House Mom. The House Mom is an NPC (non-player character) within the game a... Read More »

How to Get Rocker Hair in "Sorority Life"?

"Sorority Life" is an online networking game that allows you to build a fantasy world of your dreams. To play this game you must add the application to your Facebook account. First you design your ... Read More »