How Do I Get My Unclaimed Paychecks From Past Jobs?

Answer Sometimes when you leave a job, the company issues you a final paycheck that you either forget to pick up or they forget to mail it to you. Every year, the finance department goes through uncashed ... Read More »

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How to Collect Unemployment From Past Jobs in California?

If you are unemployed from jobs you held in California, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. In California, the Employment Development Department is the state agency that processes all un... Read More »

What is the maximum amount that child support can withhold from paychecks?

According to the Federal Consumer Protection Act, the maximum amount that an employer can withhold from an employee's paycheck for child support is 60 percent of his aggregate disposable weekly ear... Read More »

Why do they always deduct Medicare tax from my paychecks yet I don't have any form of health assistance?

"Hey government, why don't you help me pay another doctor by giving me my Medicair/are money back so I can make it to 65?"Where, pray tell, do you think the 'government' would get the money to "pay... Read More »

How to Recover Unclaimed Money From the Government?

Finding out that there's unclaimed property, or money the government is holding on your behalf, is the exciting part of knowing how to recover unclaimed money from the government. However, isn't as... Read More »